Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Cheesey Chocolates

Well, it’s been a tremendously exciting week. Chris Evans was discussing the pros and cons of cheese chocolates on his show yesterday morning so I sent them a quick e mail about the little cottage industry I am developing here at Ford Farm.

They gave our cheese chocolates a a mention which is great but I’m pushing the boat out and taking it one step further by sending chris a selection of my hand made cheese chocolates to taste, too.

Got to strike while the iron’s hot so nipped down to Tesco to buy armfuls of chocolate. Fortunately, the husband had brought home some cheese the day before so the fridge is amply stocked with Ford Farm’s hand made Wensleydale & Cranberry, Dorset Red, Stilton and Apricot and Cheddar with Port & Wine.

I melted down a variety of chocolate on the Aga and got to work straight away, dipping Coastal Cheddar into Milk Chocolate (the sweetness of the milk chocolate really draws out the delicious salty flavour of Coastal). I dipped the fruity cheeses into a variety of different chocolates (milk, plain and white) as they go with pretty much any type of chocolate. I added some chilli to the smoked Dorset Red. Wow, that fiery taste really creeps up on you but it is truly delish. (OK, I admit it. I had to taste a few before sending them off. After all, I’ve got to make sure they’re up to their job – right? The fact I am a cheese and chocoholic is another story).

So, let's await Chris's verdict, if indeed he has one. They should arrive for tomorrow morning’s show. Fingers crossed!

To find out more about my cheese chocolates and my cheese wedding cakes, visit the Ford Farm website at

PS - Also showed the chocolates to friends colleges and family to guage their reaction too. The response was overwhelming. Thank you kind people.


  1. Oh my goodness- chocolate and coastal cheese sounds great. I love sweet and salty. LOVE it! I would love to win your chocolates.

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